Sustainable exports. Innovating in destinations. Innovating in ways.

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Descovering India, Dominicana Republic y Rwanda

We have developed a cycle of virtual conversations on innovation in foreign trade called "Sustainable Exports. Innovating in destinations. Innovating in ways" with the participation of foreign guests.

The cycle is aimed at SMEs throughout Latin America. In COVID-19 contexts, this type of meeting favors the possibility of thinking beyond the pandemic.

The first part will take place between Wednesday 9/9 and Wednesday 23/9:

9/9 Discovering India

Dr. Kundar Kanan. Director of Inlace. Expert in trade between Latin America, Caribbean and India

Cyntia Falcon.  Accountant. Indian Business Specialist

16/9 Discovering the Dominican Republic

Nora Capello.  Argentine Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Lawyer. Career diplomat. Expert in bilateral relations between Latin America and the Caribbean.

23/9 Discovering Rwanda

Daniela Plewe - Director of website (Singapore) Developer of Simultaneous translation

The meetings will be organized by Julian Cardoso, President of JC ONline Solutions who will share the experiences of teaching and working in the area, and the learning of the JC ONline Solutions project.

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